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AI chat for manufacturers and industrial equipment management - Monittor

Tired of Wading through Manuals, Spreadsheets
and calling support?

Equipment repairs can be time-consuming when vital information isn't readily available.

The source of this problem starts here

Maintenance Manuals
  • Out of date
  • Hard to find
  • Buried information
Team Collective Knowledge
  • Senior Techs hold most
  • Not captured or stored
  • Not easily shareable
  • No recorded SOP's
Historical Service
  • Not linked to new work orders
  • Parts info in ERP
  • Hard to access/find
We empower technicians with instant access to equipment and repair information, resulting in significantly faster service resolution. Knowledge is automatically captured as technicians are working and making your system smarter with each use.

How It Works

Choose from a range of pre-existing equipment manuals or upload your own.
Supplement it with your custom details — such as notes, emails, service reports, how-to videos, and SOPs.
Pass on the related knowledge libraries to your technicians, support teams, and customers under your own brand.


SOP Creation: Turn your service conversations into ready-to-use SOPs.
Knowledge Conversion: Record on-site, upload, and transcribe videos into SOPs.
Senior Techs Insights: Record, upload, and preserve senior techs' knowledge as SOPs.
SmartTag operates behind the scenes, analyzing your chat conversations, and  presents relevant information.
For example, if you're discussing troubleshooting a specific machine issue, SmartTag identifies and tags the related SOPs, how-to videos, and recommended replacement parts.
As you engage with the AI chat, SmartTag seamlessly presents the tagged data.
When repairs or part replacements deviate from baseline, the system proactively notifies you and highlights recommended actions.
Whether it's recurring issues with a specific part reported by customers or technicians, prompts you to take decisive actions, ensuring seamless operations and optimized performance.

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